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Peter Weishar, Featured

Peter Weishar

January 20, 2015
Dean of The College of Fine Arts Curriculum Vitae (CV) Contact (850) 644-5244 Before being appointed as Dean of the College of Fine ... Continue reading »

Jack Freiberg

January 19, 2015
Associate Dean and Professor Italian Renaissance Art & Architecture Room WJB 3022 College of Fine Arts Department of Art History Curriculum Vitae Contact freiberg@ ... Continue reading »
Carolyn Henne Headshot

Carolyn Henne

January 18, 2015
CFA Associate Dean Chair, Department of Art College of Fine Arts, Facility for Arts Research (FAR) Curriculum Vitae (CV) Contact (850) 644-2932 www.caro ... Continue reading »

Cassandra Rayne Gross

January 17, 2015
Finance & Administration Manager College of Fine Arts Contact (850) 645-2192 Originally from Blacksburg, Virginia; married to Max Jos ... Continue reading »

Brittany Melin

January 17, 2015
Events & Outreach Coordinator College of Fine Arts Contact 850-645-8283 Brittany moved to Tallahassee from Central Florida in 2008 to at ... Continue reading »