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Ultraviolet at the Museum of Fine Arts

Published August 28, 2017
6) Close-up of “Find Your Soul Mate” by Joan Matey.

Close-up of “Find Your Soul Mate” by Joan Matey.

You’re never too old for blacklight. The Museum of Fine Arts’ favorite fluorescent personality, Bill Walmsley (aka“Ding Dong Daddy”) printed irrepressible lithographs in neon inks that looked great with or without blacklight, yet once placed under ultraviolet lamps, Walmsley’s lithos really came alive.

In the spirit of Bill Walmsley’s chromatic riffs on the human comedy, the Blacklight Guild of the Artists’League installed a cheerful homage that was a bright display of works by Perdita Ross, Jeff Zenick, Barbara Psimas, Joyce Edwards, and Joan Matey. From June 23 to July 28, the show was so successful that groups of school children visitors created their own artworks off site and then came to MoFA with their teachers to see how their artworks looked under the blacklight. They loved the effect (so did MoFA staff).

Aswe look ahead to a great new season, we welcome everyone back to the busy academic year, and we hope you will add MoFA exhibitions to your cultural excursions. MoFA can promise color and an ever-changing roster of artists, lecturers, performers and events.