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2013 Great Give: April 18 & 19

Published March 28, 2013

great give
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The Great Give is a 36-hour online giving campaign in support of academic and athletic programs at Florida State University. Starting on Thursday, April 18, at 9 a.m., supporters of Florida State can make gifts to any of the many projects created specifically for The Great Give.

We at the College of Fine Arts Need Your help!

Donate on April 18th-19th to support the students of the College of Fine Arts. All College proceeds will go to fund student travel.

As the seat of Florida’s state government and home to three higher education institutions, Tallahassee has a wealth of accomplished artists to learn from and artistic experiences in which to participate. We encourage to students to take advantage of what is offered here locally, but not everything can be learned in one location. Our student body needs a world view: they need to connect with peers and professional mentors who live and work elsewhere, and they need access to on-hand and experiential research that can only be experienced by traveling to off-campus locations.


Florida State University Study Abroad Testamonials

“Studying abroad! Hands down the most incredible experience FSU has offered me. I got to get closer to my classmates, travel Europe, and expand my knowledge and experience in Theatre studying with working actors and teachers in London.”

Kayla Tomas, 2014


“My favorite memory [at FSU] was the whole semester abroad in London with the School of Theatre. I got to take classes that are not taught at the main FSU campus. But the one class that I loved going to and had the best time in was playwriting. It’s something I would love to focus on in my career. Also, being in London & getting to see so many wonderful shows. London really is the theatre capital of the world!”

Kiirah Smith, 2013


“When you get back from London, the world seems a little smaller, a little more conquerable. Consequently, you feel like you take up more space in the world, not just because of places you’ve been, but also because of the growth you undergo as a human being.”

Britt Gordon, 2014


“The Patrons made it possible for me to go to London to better my craft and study my passion in a new and challenging environment, which to me is an invaluable gift.”

Destiny Thompson, 2014


“Under the best circumstances— with progressive governance and guest artists and teachers continually refreshing the pool— students cannot experience the wide range of dance genres, techniques or choreographic approaches available in the city. Students are insulated, with little chance to collide with different ideas about what dance is, what art is, and why they are doing it. These are core issues that must be confronted by any serious young artist.”

Sally Sommers


“The importance of having time in this city as a dance student can be compared to a student studying medicine needing experience in a hospital. A realistic perspective of the field is present so I am far more equipped for my life after college than I would have been otherwise.”

Meredith Howard


“Working closely with both Dr. Tricia Young — a member and mentor on my thesis committee — and Dr. Sally Sommer — Director of the Dance in New York Program– of the Dance Department at Florida State University, I researched the history and Philosophy of Flamenco dance, the idea of the every day life as a platform for Performative action (Life-as-art) and attempted to understand what defines Spanishness through the use of Movement Analysis.”

Hans Rasch, 2013


“While I was walking throughout the Polytechnic University and seeing the permanent sculpture and installation pieces I saw one that caught my attention more than the rest. Not because I liked it more than the rest, even though it was an interesting one for the abstracted design look it displayed, but because it was a UPV’s student homage to Wifredo Lam. He is one of the most, not to say the most internationally known Cuban artist. This semester for me was a semester of research on Cuban painting of the beginning of the 20th century. Carlos Enrique, René Portocarrero, Amelia Peláez, Wifredo Lam are a few on the list I was studying.”

Alejandro Simon


“This past November, I moved from Florida to South Korea with hopes of learning a few things about a different culture, language, and myself. I am now teaching, exploring, partaking, and creating in the Land of the Morning Calm. This blog was created to share this experience and to keep my family convinced that I am alive and well.”

Mandy Yourick, 2010


“I got my feet wet by delivering presentations while still a student under faculty supervision ̶ it’s how I learned to be successful; and, honestly, I couldn’t have attended these conferences without the generosity of donors who value the returns from investing in the development of the next generation of critical thinkers. If you can help create opportunities for students to achieve their full potential, as previous donors did for me, please consider making a gift.”

Tony Purvis, 2012


On campus, FSU students can access and apply for small pockets of funds for travel. But we want to provide more.


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Thank you for participating in The Great Give

April 18 & 19.