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Jennifer Pennington (BFA ’13)

Published May 8, 2013
Title of work - By Jennifer Pennington

Title of work – By Jennifer Pennington

Artist Statement for TITLE OF WORK–

As industry rises and declines, it leaves in its path a swift current of obsolescence; the effects of which are most apparent in rural communities. Settlements created around centers of production are dying off. These regions are marked by abandoned structures — and machinery– forcing residents to show great ingenuity in the re-purposing of sites and materials.

The work is a response to these communities, environments, histories, and addresses these artifacts of industry through the incorporation of organic forms that link them to their environment of origin.

My work employs found wood –both naturally occurring and milled– that is reflective of the industrial history of our society, paired with organic elements, reflective of the natural history of our landscape. These pairings aim to create narratives based on elements of time and decay, addressing the history and value of these objects.