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A Mysterious Clarity – 10th Anniversary

Published May 28, 2014

painting detail by Lilian Garcia-Roig

A Mysterious Clarity – 10th Anniversary featuring Ray Burggraf, Lilian Garcia-Roig and Mark Messersmith

The opening of A Mysterious Clarity – 10th Anniversary took place on April 4th during First Friday at the 621 Gallery in Tallahassee’s Railroad Square Art Park. This exhibition revisited the original A Mysterious Clarity exhibition, first shown there in 2004. Since this original exhibition, this show has travelled around the southern United States with exhibitions at Valdosta State University, Jacksonville University, Okaloosa-Walton State College, Sam Houston State University, the Albany Museum of Art, the Golf Coast Museum of Art, the Brevard Museum of Art and Science and at Art Basal at Art Wynwood. Each exhibition reconstituted the work and the show overall has greatly evolved throughout the years.

Burggraf, Garcia-Roig and Messersmith decided that this exhibition should revisit its origins in Tallahassee at 621 Gallery. On April 4th, the gallery hosted the 10th Anniversary exhibition, which allowed viewers to see how the artists’ styles have developed. This show focuses on the identity of the observer and the landscape in the work. Mysterious Clarity is not a group show, but is rather a landscape show with the artists’ works mixed together. Viewers can find synergies between each piece and among neighboring pieces. The visual friction between work styling abstract, emersion and expression of man’s invasion of nature contributes to how the observers view the landscape.

Throughout the exhibitions’ travels, several publications, including the Encyclopedia of Southern Art and a review from the Gulf Coast Museum, have published reviews about the project and it’s contributors. Mysterious Clarity contributes to the understanding of southern language and challenges our expectations of how nature should appear.

painting by Ray Burgraff

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