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Amelia Carlie (BFA ’13)

Published May 3, 2013
Gorilla Skull, Oil on Linen, 12” x 24”

Gorilla Skull, Oil on Linen, 12” x 24”

Artist Statement for Allegory of the ’Judgement of Paris’ and ’Stalemate’ –
My work is a commentary on feminism within our contemporary society. Our society places expectations on women to adhere to certain societal gender norms. The ‘Male Gaze’, first postulated by Mulvey, is still prevalent within our society. The ‘Male Gaze’, in art history, refers to the creation of artwork by a male artist featuring submissive or voyeur-esque female nudes for a male audience. The Venus of Urbino by Titian and the Grand Odalisque by Ingres are art historical examples of this convention. Through my work, I seek to comment on the expectations placed on women as well as the ‘Male Gaze’.