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Art Professor Mary Stewart Concludes Residency & Seminar

Published September 23, 2013

Visit to Montana State University

During a recent visit to Montana State University Professor Mary Stewart conducted a teaching/learning seminar on connections between critical and creative thinking and interviewed Professor Sara Mast for a new project dealing with Applied Creativity. Mast spent the past year collaborating with a team of physicists on an installation dealing with the astrophysics.

Jentel Foundation Residency

Professor Mary Stewart has now concluded the first week of a month-long Jentel Foundation residency, near Sheridan, Wyoming. Her project will integrate images of maps, archeological sites, and references to the complex geology in the area.

The Foundation arranged studio visits with Sean Elwood, Visual Arts Coordinator for Creative Capital: an most inspiring gift. Mr. Elwood has curated exhibitions and written extensively about art. In his current position, helps to identify and coordinate Creative Capital projects.

Jentel residence