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Ashlee Harrell (BFA ’12)

Published December 4, 2012

The Accident

“The Accident”

I am a graphic designer and I often use hand drawn images, incorporating them into my final design. I like to use hand drawn elements in my designs because of the sense of immediacy it gives. I believe the hand rendered elements lend themselves to my chosen subject matter because it gives a unique element and lends a more personal feel to the design. I want my designs to evoke emotion or affect change within the viewer and I take on important and provocative issues like child exploitation and women’s rights.

In my most recent work I take on the subject of bicycle safety. This work has been a personal struggle for me to create as it deals with the fatal bicycle accident of a family member. I have long shied away from my complex feelings surrounding this accident, however I hope that I can convey the importance of this subject matter through my personal perspective. I not only want the viewer to consider that they are putting their life at stake when they ride without a helmet, but they are also risking deep emotional hurt for those who love them.