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MANCC Welcomes Chris Yon

Published November 27, 2012

Chris Yon – Partnership Project: McKnight Artist Fellow | November 26 – December 2, 2012

Work in Development: The Very Unlikeliness (I’m Going to KILL You!)

The Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC) welcomes Partnership Project: McKnight Artist Fellow Chris Yon (MN) into residence to develop his latest work.Yon will be researching and developing an evening length duet entitled The Very Unlikeliness (I’m Going to KILL You!), a suite of dances constituting the repertory that Yon has created with wife and dancer, Taryn Griggs. While in residence, Yon will be exploring memory techniques to generate and capture material and to determine the underlying mechanisms for creating and remembering complex choreography. Renowned writer, director, actor, and puppeteer Dan Hurlin will join the residency as dramaturg. Documentary filmmaker David Bagnall will be on site to create a training film and inform a supplementary instruction manual. Choreographer and archival librarian Sara Smith will be sketching designs for set, costume, and decor. Dancer and choreographer Angharad Davies will be body double/stand-in/understudy for Yon.

“In the tradition of husband & wife vaudeville teams who spent years refining their routines on the road, Unlikeliness is a container to reinvestigate and repurpose material and ideas that resurface from piece to piece to express what was, is and will be. If these are the hit singles on my pop concept album, I want to create the B sides.” – Chris Yon, 2011 McKnight Fellow in Choreography.

The Very Unlikeliness (I’m Going to KILL You!) will be presented at the Bryant Lake Bowl (MN) and La Mama E.T.C. (NYC) in Spring 2013. This residency was supported in part by The McKnight Foundation in partnership with Northrop Concerts and Lectures.



Informal Showing

Seating is limited. To make a reservation, please visit Chris Yon’s MANCC webpage.

Location: TBA
Friday, November 30th, 2012 at 3:30 pm

*Reservation Required
Please visit or email for additional information about Yon’s residency.




The Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC), at the FSU School of Dance, is a choreographic research and development center whose mission is to raise the value of the creative process in dance.


Image: Chris Yon. Performing Arts, Momentum: New Dance Works 2010, first round of publicity images. Shot August 23, 2010 in the WAC photo studio.