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Congratulations Spring 2014 Graduating Doctoral Students

Published May 14, 2014

Spring 2014 Graduating Class

Introducing from left, Dr. David Gussak, Chair; Dr. DeAndria Frazier; Dr. Marion Wylly; Dr. Tom Anderson, Professor of Art Education; Dr. Adriane Pereira. Not Pictured: Dr. Alexandria Zettler.

The Department of Art Education would like to congratulate all of our graduating Doctoral students for Spring 2014; Adriane Pereira, DeAndria Frazier, Alexandria “Zandy” Zettler and Marion Wylly.


Marion Johnston Wylly

Marion Wylly defended her dissertation on January 23rd, which was entitled, “Motives of Art Theft: A Social Contextual Perspective of Value.” Her major professor was Dr. David Gussak and she earned a Doctorate in Arts Administration.

“I am thrilled to have completed a PhD in arts administration and art education from Florida State University. I have enjoyed each stage of my studies from course work to dissertation work. My dissertation title is Motives of Art Theft: A Social Contextual Perspective of Value. It is my honor to have worked with my committee, which included my chair Dr. David Gussak, Dr. Richard Kunkel, Dr. Marcia Rosal and Dr. Pat Villeneuve.

Dr. Marion Wylly

Dr. Marion Wylly

They are all such accomplished professionals in their own right. I offer an especially huge thank you to my chair and mentor Dr. Gussak (Dr. G) for his guidance and vision. His encouragement allowed me to embark on a course of research that included art value and art theft. These topics are of great interest to me, but have had limited research. How our society values, manages and protects art is evolving.

Dr. G and FSU have provided me an excellent opportunity, and demonstrated how the university and the department of art education are on the forefront of academic inquiries in these and many other areas. Their pioneering attitude reflects their greatest attribute in educational pursuits at this level, and demonstrates the excellence of FSU, which brought me to the campus many years prior for my PhD. Thank you for an amazing journey filled with academic challenges in a professional environment. Go Noles!”

DeAndria Frazier

Dr. DeAndria Frazier

Dr. DeAndria Frazier

DeAndria Frazier defended her dissertation on March 19th, which was entitled “How Visibly Different Children Respond to Story-Creation.” Her major professor was Dr. Marcia Rosal and she earned a Doctorate in Art Therapy.

“The topic of my dissertation is a personal one. As a person with a visible difference that struggled with being different through my childhood, I wanted to know if there was a way to assist children with coping with their visible differences besides the typical verbal therapies. This process came about as I wrote my own book, “FunnyFace”. In creating the book I made the character, FunnyFace, representative of myself in the second grade. To make her more cartoonish and kid friendly, I gave her different colored eyes instead of portraying how my eyes really function and appear. Writing the book was comforting, a lot of fun to create and led me to wonder if visibly different children would benefit from doing the same. It is my hope that children who are visibly different and need help coping with their difference, can be helped through the process of story-creation. I started with the Art Education department working on my master degree in art therapy. At that time I was excited to know everything there was to know about art therapy. The department fed my excitement, guided me every step of the way and made my experience one that I enjoyed. The professors really knew the topics and encouraged me to do the same. I felt as though they truly cared about me and what I had to offer as a therapist. My doctoral experience has been a challenging one, but again I have been only supported and guided to do my best and to finish. Dr. Rosal never gave up on me and always told me what I needed to do. When I made mistakes or appeared to be struggling she was there to push and motivate me. I am very grateful to her. She is very committed to what she does and the students placed in her care, and for that I say thank you.”


Alexandria “Zandy” Zettler

From Left: Anna Louise Zettler, Tessa Marie Zettler, and their mother Dr. Alexandria Zetter

From Left: Anna Louise Zettler, Tessa Marie Zettler, and their mother Dr. Alexandria Zetter

Alexandria “Zandy” Zettler defended her dissertation on March 19th, which was entitled, “Constructing a Personal Visual Vocabulary: An Art Therapy Intervention Study for Adolescents from Families with Alcohol Use Disorders.” Her major professor was Dr. Marcia Rosal and she earned a Doctorate in Art Therapy.

“I have been part of the FSU art education department since 2008. I have earned my second master’s degree and am finishing up my PhD. I came to FSU with a clear purpose in mind, knowing exactly what population I wanted to work with and the method in which to help them. My committee members and major professor, Dr. Rosal, each contributed major concepts in support of my thesis, i.e., Dr. Anderson’s strong commitment to issues of social justice and working within one’s context supported my ideas around helping the underserved, Dr. Gussak’s passion for philosophy and Socratic approach facilitated deep thinking about my foundational precepts (I took his class twice, just for fun), and Dr. Rosal’s unique understanding cognitive processes and personal symbols supported my methods perfectly. I cannot express how much the process of preparing, proposing, and completing my dissertation has increased my sense of purpose. Like the kids in my study, this teleological process has given me a more holistic sense of self. Additionally, adjunct professors – Dina Ricco & Donna Betts effectively demonstrated counseling techniques and the need to triangulate assessment data. Thank you all for facilitating my deep learning of the subject matter, Art for Life.”



Adriane Pereira

Dr. Adriane Pereira, centered in red Doctoral robes, among her graduating students.

Dr. Adriane Pereira, centered in red Doctoral robes, among her graduating students.

Adriane Pereira defended her dissertation on April 14th, which was entitled, “Examining critical and creative thinking of high school students making art
in a learner-directed class.” Her major professor was Dr. Tom Anderson and she earned a Doctorate in Art Education.

“The process to earn my doctorate degree in art education has been a privilege at Florida State University, School of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance. At each step, I have been fortunate to have people share their experiences, discuss my ideas and cheer me on.  I have had the honor to have Tom Anderson as my major professor, kindly guiding me all along. I look forward to sharing graduation day with him.  Dave Gussak was a supportive advisor, professor of philosophy and dissertation committee member who kept me laughing throughout the days.  Jeff Broome has been a generous mentor throughout my doctoral studies and dissertation writing. His positive words of encouragement helped propel me through and recognize my own accomplishments.  Anniina Suominen Guyas motivated me to use my strengths and experiences with photo and video as methods to study experience and her influence still resonates as I write.  Mark Messersmith generously and regularly grounded me to art making and served as University Representative on my dissertation committee.  I had the privilege to serve as instructor to a dynamic group of preservice teachers, class of 2014, who allowed me to be their teacher, trusted me with their education and from whom I learned a great deal.  Sharing graduation day with them is the icing on the cake of my doctoral studies.”


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The FSU Department of Art Education is the oldest department of its kind in the South. The distinguished faculty in the Department of Art Education is composed of seven members, each of whom holds the doctoral degree.

The Department of Art Education offers programs leading to the 5 year combined (BA) in Art/ (MS) in Art Education, master of science (MS), and master of arts (MA) degrees with certification, Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.),and Doctor of Education Degree (Ed. D.).

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