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Jay Corrales (MFA ’12)

Published April 11, 2012

transmissions, video stills

“My transmissons begin with short videos I record locally, typically details of nature, defunct industry, and my everyday surroundings in Tallahassee. I respond playfully to these scenes and the phenomena therein, making simple line drawings of figures and objects, building miniature narratives with no specific message in mind. When played in sequence, these drawings come together as rough, jittery, and occasionally beautiful animation. I send these videos out through a simple TV broadcaster consisting of inexpensive home electronics, utilizing a medium normally reserved for commerce. The range is short, and there’s little chance of a viewer ever stumbling upon the broadcast. However, I enjoy the small gesture of defiance in using these means for the random distribution of self-contained vignettes that have nothing of which to convince anyone.”
– Jay Corrales (MFA Studio Art ’12)