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Courtney E. Thayer (MFA 2014)

Published May 27, 2014
Two people standing on opposite sides of the room

“#doyoufollow”, Performance and Installation, size varies

Artist Statement

Using a blend of cultural references and personal experiences, my work explores the intersection of failure, success, anxiety and expectations. These concepts are ones which every individual must navigate daily, on scales both large and small. They are embedded into every single decision and action we undertake, guiding us in our existence through forceful, unseen, or subtle incursions upon our plans and hopes. In this way we are presented with inherent possibilities, which we may or may not be interested in, aware of, or willing to consider. I re-examine these aspects of every day life, often overlooked or ignored, in an attempt to recast the roles of failure, success, anxiety, and expectations, as well as show the resultant possibilities as motivation, inspiration, or experiences from which to grow.


2 monitors in a gallery space

“Fairy Tale Logic”, HD Video Installation, size varies

Wall in a gallery space

“Missing the Possibilities”, Interactive Installation, size varies