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Distinguished University Scholar Award Nomination

Published November 4, 2014

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Deadline: Wednesday, February 16, 2015, 11:59 p.m.

DATE: August 2014
TO: FSU Faculty
FROM: Garnett Stokes, Interim President
VIA: Gary K. Ostrander, Vice President for Research
RE: Distinguished University Scholar Award, Call for Nominations, 2014 – 2015

Important Dates:

  • Deadline: Wednesday, February 16, 2015, 11:59 p.m.
  • Note: There may be earlier deadlines at the department, college or school levels for signing off on these nominations before they are submitted to the CRC.
  • Award notification directly to the PI is planned during late March, 2015.
  • Awards will be presented by the university president at the Faculty Awards Program in the spring.
  • Award: $10,000 award, one-time only


Florida State University, with the advice and assistance of the Council on Research and Creativity (CRC), requests nominations for the honorary program, Distinguished University Scholar (DUS). This award has been designed to recognize outstanding research and/or creative activity of eligible Florida State University employees who are not in a tenured or tenure-seeking line. It is intended that the recipients have long-standing track records of research and/or creative activity at FSU and occupy more senior levels in their respective positions.

Colleges and schools are encouraged to make a sensitive inventory of eligible colleagues and present nomination packets for their very best candidates.


  • This award is open to non-tenured or non-tenure seeking employees who, as of August 2014
    • have completed at least five years in an allowable job title and either E&G or C&G funded,
    • are actively engaged in research and/or scholarly activity,
    • and have achieved noteworthy accomplishments.
  • Examples of such positions include, but are not limited to, the following job titles: If your title is not listed here, contact the Program Coordinator to confirm your eligibility.
    • 9150AS       Curator 12 month salary
    • 9153           Staff Physicists 12 month salary
    • 91609S       Scholar/Scientist 9 month salary
    • 9160AS       Scholar/Scientist 12 month salary
    • 91669S       Research Associate 9 month salary
    • 9166AS       Research Associate 12 month salary
  • An FSU employee who receives this award will be entitled to use the title, Distinguished University Scholar, throughout subsequent employment at FSU, or until such time as that title is surpassed through receipt of a higher university recognized award.


Recipients of this honor will receive a one-time award of $10,000. Recipients will receive a check with fringe benefits and tax considerations deducted. The awardee’s will be recognized at the annual Faculty Awards program generally scheduled in the spring.


Examples of selected successful proposals are available on our Blackboard site.

Log on to your Blackboard. Click on your Organizations tab to find the FSU Office of Research link. If you find that you are not subscribed to this link, please contact Patrice C. Williams to request subscription.

After entering the FSU Office of Research Blackboard site, you will find the CRC Examples link in the left column.

Submission Process:

The nomination process will be electronic only! All materials are to be prepared for each nominee and will include, in this order:

Nomination Elements:

A letter of nomination from a Florida State University faculty member or administrator or self-nominating letter addressing the following specifics and a brief 2 page CV of the letter’s author (if not the candidate) is expected to be uploaded with the nomination letter as one document.

  1. The candidate’s letter or the letters from the nominator, the department chair, director or the dean:
    • Must show evidence of the candidate’s outstanding scholarly productivity and/or creative activity;
    • Must show evidence of the candidate’s national and international visibility in endeavors that emphasize research and/or creative activities;
    • Must show evidence of the candidate’s recognition and honors related to research and/or creative activity; and
    • Must demonstrate that the candidate’s research has had significant impact on the on-going research/scholarship and/or graduate student training in their respective units.
  2. No more than three EXTERNAL letters, addressed to the DUS Review Committee, in support of the nomination from scholars outside of Florida State University written within eighteen months of the date of this announcement (August 2014). It is expected that these external letters will be written from people who have a direct knowledge of or a relationship to the nominee; a statement on the qualifications of the letters’ authors and a brief 2 page CV of the external letter writers are expected. NOTE: It is required that all external letters be mailed back to the person in the department area who requested the letters, so that all letters can be included in the materials that are uploaded in support of the candidate.
  3. INTERNAL FSU letters, addressed to the DUS Review Committee, in support of the nomination from the nominee’s dean, director (if applicable), and department chair carry significant weight and are expected; and
  4. The nominee’s vita. If a list of the nominee’s pertinent achievements, awards or accomplishments in the field of expertise is lengthy (more than 5 pages), the nominee should set up a web link to this data and reference it at the end of the vita.
  5. In those instances where asked to submit multiple letters and short CVs from individuals providing letters regarding the nominee, scan the materials and, using the Adobe Acrobat Professional version software, organize those materials into one document to be uploaded into the CRC system in the appropriate location.


You must use the CRC Online System to electronically submit nomination information.

You do not need special training to use the CRC OnLine system. It is only through this process that your nomination will be accessible to reviewers so that evaluations can be recorded and funding recommendations made, and perhaps awarded.

The Electronic Process

Completely read the instructions in this announcement. Prepare and save the various required elements in a computer. See Submission Process above for specific information required for submission.

At Nominations Submissions follow these simple instructions.

  1. The name of the person in the PROFILE must be the name of the nominee. The other information related to the person in the PROFILE must also reflect information regarding the nominee.
  2. Start the Submit a Nomination process by answering all the questions about the nominee and uploading each of the required elements.
  3. In the CRC on-Line System, you will have an opportunity to submit/store/save your material and update/edit it until the posted deadline for the program.
  4. The nominee will receive an email confirmation of the submission, even in its initial form, providing a login name and password. If you are not the nominee and need to revisit the submission in the CRC system, contact the nominee for a copy of the email or contact the Program Coordinator for that information.
  5. In the CRC system, you will see that each of the ‘elements’ has its own ‘slot’ to be filled with that particular document, only-one slot for each nomination element.

NOTE: In those instances where you are asked to submit multiple letters and short CVs from individuals in suupport of the nominee, scan the materials and, using the Adobe Acrobat Professional version software, organize those materials into one document to be uploaded into the CRC system in the appropriate location for either EXTERNAL or INTERNAL writers.

Materials received after the deadline will not be processed and incomplete materials will not be accepted, so please revisit the existing submission to make certain it is complete before the deadline.

Selection Process:

Units (departments, programs) are urged to nominate their most qualified staff and may submit only one nomination per academic year. The CRC will forward to the University President the names of up to three nominees. The President will choose up to two for the Distinguished University Scholar award.


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Council on Research and Creativity Coordinator
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