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EN PLEIN SIGHT: Paintings by Lilian Garcia-Roig

Published July 26, 2011

Painting professor Lilian Garcia Roig is featured in the August/September 2011 issue of OnViewMagazine.

“LILIAN GARCIA-ROIG is a native Cuban and currently a professor of art at Florida State University. She has been practicing the art of landscape painting en plein air over the past several years, primarily in New England, the Pacific Northwest and North Florida.

Although her work is rooted in historical convention, she transcends the typical definition of a landscape painterher large-scale, surface leavened works transform the plane of the canvas into a painterly relief and pivot between the recognizable and the abstract. From afar, the paintings appear highly realistic but upon closer inspection the images fade into pure abstraction. Her impastoed surfaces, created with brushes, gloved fingers and squeezed out paint, elicit comparisons to Vincent Van Gogh and Willem de Kooning.”

Download the full article: Lilian Garcia-Roig in On View Magazine August 2011.

Upcoming Exhibition:

EN PLEIN SIGHT: Paintings by Lilian Garcia-Roig
On view September 17th through December 10th at the Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland