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Bang On It

Published June 8, 2011


“First Friday at Railroad Square brought pure excitement to the MFA gallery Working Method Contemporary. A show choreographed by Marnie Bettridge, Chalet Comellas, Jay Coralles, Tyler Dearing, Heidi Haire, Dan Hall, Christina Poindexter, and Echo Railton invited the community to make music together with surprising materials. Bicycle wheels, a motorcycle shock, the five gallon bucket were all essential instruments. What came out of the gallery was nothing but magic. A group of strangers drumming, banging, and ringing together to an almost tribal rhythm. It was truly a surprise and by the end of the night half the instruments were shattered, dropped, or dented. We couldn’t have been happier. Thank you to everyone who made it such an incredible night.”

– Christina Poindexter MFA candidate – Studio Art