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Frederick Whitman Glasier: Circus Photographs

Published November 9, 2015

While a diverse selection from the Permanent Collection runs concurrently for visitors, the two new exhibitions which opened on October 16, 2015 are of historic circus photographs from The Ringling and an exhibition by Professor Nancy de Grummond that celebrates International Archaeology Day.

The timing was perfect since the Florida State University Flying High Circus student performers welcomed visitors to several events on campus in October. The Flying High students are active in every phase of the FSU circus, from building the Big Top to creating their costumes to delivering their performances. Circus life has been captivating audiences since Glasier first pursued his own interest in photographing strong men, beautiful acrobats, Native American performers, sharpshooters, clowns, grips, teamsters and hucksters. It is through Glasier’s preserved glass negatives in the Ringling Collection that we can appreciate his documentation of the heyday of major circuses and the life on the road.

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