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FSU Art Professor George Blakely Featured on Burnaway

Published July 15, 2013

Florida State University Department of Art Professor George Blakely has been featured in an article on, by Cynthia Hollis, executive director of 621 Gallery. Titled “George Blakely: Ultra Un-Photographer”, Hollis expands on the life and artistry of George Blakely.

In a quote from the article:

“Blakely has been described as “a photographer who doesn’t use a camera” and an artist who “reframes photography,” whose work over the past thirty years has ranged from portraits of contemporary culture created from found photographs—some presented as large-scale installations—to self-portraits created with objects from his decades-spanning evidence of collecting and consumption habits project.3 His philosophical stance has been one of cultural critique, and acknowledges, “A portrait of the human condition is not always pretty.”

“George Blakely: Ultra Un-Photographer” elaborates on Blakely’s artistic experience as an exhibition curator, his childhood influences, artistic processes and descriptions of some of his most notable works, including Reinventing the Landscape.

Installation view, George Blakely, Reinventing the Landscape (featuring his Postcard series), April 5-28, 2013, 621 Gallery, Tallahassee, FL

Installation view, George Blakely, “Reinventing the Landscape” (featuring his “Postcard” series), April 5-28, 2013, 621 Gallery, Tallahassee, FL. Image from

Read the full “George Blakely: Ultra Un-Photographer” article at

About George Blakely

George Blakely is an artist and Professor at the Florida State Department of Art. With a focus in photography, installation, public art and sculpture, Blakely has been instructing at FSU since 1978. He is a noteworthy artist and instructor who has been showcased in over 300 exhibitions, recognized as Faculty Emeritus, broadcasted on PBS’s Newshour” and widely known for lectures on his art and research in various universities, museums and conferences across the country.

For more information on George Blakely, visit the FSU Department of Art – George Blakely or FSU Art News.