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Gabrielle Taylor (BFA ’12)

Published December 4, 2012



Illustrating a nervous habit, the mood of a vacant room, a subconscious emotion that flickers in someone’s eyes: that is the art of being an animator. Through the physical craft of stop motion combined with traditional two-dimensional animation I seek to capture child-like wonder in a television box. Through unfamiliar mythology and foreign language my animation excites curiosity and amazement. However, I don’t seek to explain these stories explicitly, nor their cultural peculiarities. My work is a gateway through which the viewer reaches a more profound personal and global understanding. I seek to inspire inquisitiveness in the spectator, driving them to want to learn on their own about the societies I show and the tales I tell.

Watch the animation here:

(The Fox Bride’s Wedding March) from Gabrielle Taylor on Vimeo.


Image Descriptions

The Fox Bride’s Wedding March, Stop Motion and 2D Animation, 1920 x 1080 px, 2012