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Graduate School Fellowships for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Published November 6, 2018

FSU sealThis memorandum highlights information, instructions, and deadlines for the Fellowships administered by the Graduate School for the 2019-2020 academic year.  It is very important that you read this entire memorandum because it outlines the fellowship application system the Graduate School has developed for certain fellowships which will begin accepting applications today.  The fellowship application system has several deadlines, some of which are for the department (or an academic representative) and some that are applicable to the student.

The complete list of our 2019-2020 fellowships and their guidelines as well as the summary of awards and deadlines may be found on the following website.  Please refer to the guidelines for specific instructions.

Graduate School – Faculty/Staff website

General Items Regarding the Fellowship Application System

  1. Academic units are entitled to establish their own process for identifying and nominating students for fellowships administered by the Graduate School.  The Graduate School encourages and directs students to contact their academic units if they are interested in seeking a nomination;
  2. The system has an automated workflow built in so the person responsible for the next step in the process will receive a system-generated email prompting them to take action;
  3. Recipients of the workflow emails should read the entire email and corresponding instructions prior to clicking on the specialized URL to begin working on their piece of the application;
  4. Each component of the online system must be completed during the same session in which the person begins working.  Please have all of the necessary information compiled before clicking on the URL and working on the application component.
  5. You may not fill out a duplicate portion of the application component and submit it twice for the same student on the same fellowship.
  6. Once an application has been submitted it cannot be edited.
  7. Should you not be able to complete a component (nomination, endorsement, etc.) at the time you click on the URL, close out of the web browser without submitting, and re-start the process once you have all of the required components.

For fellowships requiring a nomination, please see the information below for the links to nominate

Legacy Fellowship

Click here to nominate a student for this fellowship by January 16, 2019

International Dissertation Semester Research Fellowship

Click here to nominate a student for this fellowship by January 4, 2019

Leslie N. Wilson-Delores Auzenne Assistantship for Minorities

Click here to nominate a student for this fellowship by January 16, 2019

McNair Scholars Fellowship

Click here to nominate a student for this fellowship by February 8, 2019

Other Graduate School Administered Fellowships and Awards

Please here to nominate a student for one of the awards offered by the Graduate School.  The other fellowship guidelines, which do not require a nomination such as the Henderson Family Fellowship and The Nancy H. Marcus Endowment for Graduate Student Excellence, can be found under our Faculty/Staff website site under funding and awards, or by clicking here.

FAMU Feeder Fellowship

Please encourage eligible applicants to apply for the FAMU Feeder Fellowship.

McKnight Doctoral Fellowship

Please encourage eligible applicants (African American and Hispanic students planning to pursue a PhD in eligible fields) to apply for the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship sponsored by the Florida Education Fund.

If you have any questions about any of the processes or if you have a student that cannot complete an online fellowship application due to a disability, please contact Ashley Jarvis or Brian Barton at 644-3501.