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Heritage Museum Stained Glass

Published July 7, 2014

Master Craftsman Studio has recently installed a set of stained glass windows in honor of the FSU Gymnastics Team and the Gymkana Show Troupe.

The gymnastics team window includes a banner identifying them as “First Champions”. They were the first collegiate team to win a national championship in any sport from any college or university in the state of Florida, the 1951 NCAA Gymnastic Team National Championship. They were also the first FSU students to make an Olympic team, both Don Holder and Bill Roetzheim competed in the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki.

In addition to the gymnastics team window, this group sponsored an additional window in honor of the FSU Gymkana Show Troupe. Gymkana was a nationally recognized show troupe. Dr. Hartley Price, the director of Gymkana also founded Tallahassee Tumbling Tots.

Part of our experience in creating these windows is that we continue to learn so much about our universities unique history, and the many contributions that have come from all the colleges and activities. It’s a pleasure to work closely with each group and learn their stories.

Stained glass window where gymnasts are being illustrated stained glass window titled "first champions" showing a gymnast

More about Master Craftsman Studio

Master Craftsman Studio at Florida State University was originally established to provide artwork throughout the FSU campus. MCS has expanded beyond its work for the university to serve the needs of commercial, residential, ecclesiastical, health care, and hospitality clients throughout the country.

MCS is a unique art studio because of its dual missions of education and the fabrication of commissioned artwork.  MCS achieves its educational role by not only teaching aspiring artists in the methods and techniques employed in the fabrication process but also in the process of the studio’s operation, so that they can learn not only production techniques but also how to operate a studio successfully.

Master Craftsman Studio is also unique because of the breadth of its abilities. The artists and craftspeople of MCS have a wide variety of skills which they apply in the execution of art projects.  These skills include cast metal, resin and concrete sculptures, terrazzo, metal fabrication, woodworking, glass casting, leaded glass, fused glass, dalle de verre, laminated glass, glass etching, glass bending, glass painting, fused glass enameling, and pâte de verre.

With this variety of abilities, Master Craftsman Studio can address a broad diversity of aesthetic needs of designers and clients.  In addition, MCS also executes projects for independent artists designing work in a broad range of media.  At the core of its work, MCS emphasizes and cultivates a process of collaboration with its clients and with artists with whom they work.  As part of its services, MCS also provides consultation on integrated art projects, engineering and architectural issues as well as project administration.

At the core of its foundation, Master Craftsman Studio is dedicated to the objective of making environments and communities more meaningful, interesting and exciting through the introduction of art.  Further, MCS is organized in a manner that employs the same degree of care in its management that it applies to the creation of its art.

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