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IA+D Graduate Furniture Show

Published February 23, 2017

interior design show

The Interior Architecture and Design annual winter gallery show, Intersecting Layers, features student work from Dr. Marlo Ransdell’s Fall 2016 Graduate Furniture Design class. Located at Studio D in the Carnaghi Arts Building, the class focuses on the application of the design process to both traditional and digital woodworking techniques. Students were tasked with creating hardware-free, flat-pack furniture pieces, using a CNC router and a single sheet of plywood, along with a laser cutter for rapid prototyping. Throughout the project, students explored various methods of intersecting components, and helped expand Studio D’s library of CNC joinery techniques. Students featured are Jenna Bartlett, Hala Hafez, Jennifer Linder, Lingyu Sun, Emily Swerdloff, Christine Titus, and Lauren Wilson.

The show will be on display in WJB through February 28th, 2017.