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Landon Parkins (BFA 2014)

Published June 17, 2014
wooden pieces put together

By Landon Perkins (no title or description provided)

Wooden Pieces put together

By Landon Perkins (no title or description provided)

Artist Statement

Modern American cities and urban environments are a testament to the brilliance of man. Over time, man has gained the capability to sculpt the environment in which he thrives, only to eventually destroy it and re-build upon it, a grander, more influential display of aptitude. But what is the point? We are only trying to mimic the complexity of nature’s original grandness in order to feel more in control of our surroundings. Man has always been connected to nature throughout time and contemporary life seems to be losing this connection with nature. The art I currently create attempts to begin to understand the question, “What is it that man is connected to in life, if not nature?” City life appears to move at an ever-quickening pace that quietly screams at us, asking for more while giving us less. I am very much interested in the marks humans and machines are leaving in the world. The destruction of the human environment is just as important as the construction.