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Living Legacy Artist Liz Lerman Returns to Develop “Healing Wars”

Published October 29, 2013

Renowned choreographer and MacArthur award winner Liz Lerman returns to FSU November 15-22 to develop “Healing Wars”. This new work by Lerman with media design by Kate Freer, sound by Darron West, and featuring actor Bill Pullman with a cast of six professional dancers and an ex-marine, will examine our Civil War and the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan through the eyes of the healers involved. With a multi-site development process spanning the archives of Harvard, to head-trauma research labs, to Gettysburg, Lerman is using partners in medicine, academia, and veterans’ communities to further her practice and develop the new work. While on campus, Lerman will be sharing the work in progress with students and veterans in small groups for input, dialog and reflection.


Lerman meets with FSU-FAMU College of Engineering Professor Dr. Changchun Zeng in Spring, 2013 to discuss the development of the next generation of prosthetic limbs for military-veteran amputee patients. MANCC Photo by Chris Cameron

Please visit for a more complete description of Lerman’s project and to learn more about her visit to FSU in March to meet with Dr. Changchun Zeng, from the FSU-FAMU College, who is involved in a major VA Innovation Initiative project aimed at addressing the shortcomings of current prosthetic socket systems, Col. Billy Francis, Director of FSU’s Veteran Center and Dr. Kristine C. Harper, Associate Professor in FSU’s History Department and retired Naval Commander about her experiences as a female commissioned officer.