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MANCC Awards Scholarship to Dance Student, Emily Wolfe

Published May 29, 2014

School of Dance graduate Emily Wolfe will receive a MANCC scholarship to continue working with MANCC Living Legacy Artist and MacArthur Fellow, Liz Lerman. Wolfe worked with Lerman in November 2013 and in May 2014, while Lerman was at MANCC to work on “Healing Wars”, a piece which examines how we piece ourselves back together, as individuals and as a society, in times of war. Wolfe served as a rehearsal assistant while Lerman was in residence and will serve as an understudy as the piece tours.

MANCC Photo by Chris Cameron

MANCC Photo by Chris Cameron

Having co-choreographed and performed in the FSU opera “Soldier Songs,” a multi-media work that incorporated interviews of veterans expressing loss, exploitation of innocence and the difficulty of speaking about the experience of war, Wolfe was particularly interested in Lerman’s research on the physical and mental healing process of soldiers. Wolfe was also curious to see Lerman’s collaborative process and the preparation of the dancers, saying, “Being immersed in the rehearsal process taught me a lot about the professional life in ways that cannot be taught through a classroom setting. Simply seeing how the dancers prepared for rehearsal, ready to do anything Liz challenged them with, was inspirational and influential in the way that I have begun to treat myself as a professional.”

Wolfe is currently in Washington D.C. in preparation for the run of “Healing Wars” at Arena Theater, June 6-29.

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