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MANCC Welcomes Darrell Jones

Published March 5, 2013
Darrell Jones

Darrell Jones (NY) FSU Alumnus Choreographic Fellow | March 3 – 9, 2013

On sabbatical from Dance Center of Columbia College this year, Jones will spend multiple weeks at MANCC working alone, with students, and with his cast of Chicago-based performers, organizing a new evening length work, Hoo-Ha (for your eyes only), which will premiere in New York in Spring 2013. His investigations, initially rooted in voguing, continue to evolve towards the subversive energy that this dance form imparts. At MANCC, Jones will examine his own physical and sonic choices surrounding this form of feminized ritual performance and the function it serves for the individual/community.

Jones says “It’s about how you attack the movement. The severity with which you use your body is what is emphasized. The body is almost used like a weapon.”

While this next work is not about the recent loss of his prestigious father and founder of the Black Studies Program at FSU, Dr. William Jones, he admits his time spent this year in Tallahassee and at MANCC, as well as his current work with Ralph Lemon and Bebe Miller will all be influential lenses in his working process.





J’Sun Howard

Damon Green


Talvin Wilks



Entrypoints are unique opportunities for visiting artists to conduct research and collaborate with the FSU and Tallahassee communities as well as the national dance field.


Scholar Engagement

Carlos Odria, Ph.D. Candidate

FSU Ethnomusicology



Special Guest:

Dramaturg Talvin Wilks


Observer Participant Rehearsal

FSU School of Dance Students

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Darrell has performed in the United States and abroad with a variety of companies such as Bebe Miller, Urban Bush Women, Ronald K. Brown, Min Tanaka, Ralph Lemon and KOKUMA DanceTheater.

He has collaborated with choreographers (Angie Hauser, Jeremy Wade, Onye Ozuzu), writer (Cheryl Boyce-Taylor), musicians (Jessie Mano, Brian Schuler) and designer (Mawish Syed) in dance films, documentations and interactive multimedia installations. In addition to his collaborative work he continues to work in solo forms.

Along with performing, Darrell has taught workshops and master classes in dance technique and compositional processes throughout the United States, South Africa, United Kingdom and South Korea. Darrell is presently a fulltime faculty member at the Dance Center of Columbia College in Chicago.

“Darrell Jones’ Hoo-ha (twister pump breakdown) did not just drop vogueing and house dancing into a postmodern setting; he underscored the discrete, almost ritualistic vocabulary, arrangement and timing of club dance movement, arguing for it as contemporary choreography.”

– Dance Magazine

“Mr. Jones has been around for a while as a dancer, of course, and a fine one, working with choreographers like Bebe Miller and Ralph Lemon. But I had never seen his choreography until Thursday night at Danspace Project, when he presented Hoo-Ha (twister pump breakdown) as part of the Parallels series. What a smart, moving, gorgeous work this is — more, please.”

– New York Times



Please visit or email for additional information about Jones’s residency.

The Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC), at the FSU School of Dance, is a choreographic research and development center whose mission is to raise the value of the creative process in dance.