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MANCC Welcomes Returning Choreographic Fellow, Emily Johnson

Published March 6, 2014
MANCC photo by Chris Cameron

Students work with Emily Johnson on Niicugni (Listen) during her Fall 2012 residency, photo by Chris Cameron

Returning for the first time since her 2012 Seven Days of Opening Nights premiere of Niicugni (Listen), Emily Johnson will develop SHORE, the third in her trilogy of works created in part at MANCC since 2009. Tallahassee audiences are invited to attend a work-in-progress showing of SHORE on Wednesday, March 19 at 10:30am in the Nancy Smith Fichter Theater inside Montgomery Hall.

Continuing to explore the confluence of Johnson’s Yup’ic heritage and modern performance, as in the first two works in the trilogy, The Thank You Bar and Niicugni (Listen), SHORE is a multi-day performance/installation of four equal parts: dance, storytelling, volunteerism, and feasting. While at MANCC, Johnson will be using spring break to work with FSU students and Tallahassee community members to develop the transition of the work from a large group of performers singing and dancing outdoors to a small group of performers on stage.

For more information on Emily Johnson’s MANCC residencies or to reserve a seat for her work-in-progress showing March 19th at 10:30am please visit Please look for the reservation link under “Entrypoints” on the right side of the page. Although the showing is free and open to the public, seats are limited and reservations are required.

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