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Marnie Bettridge (MFA ’12)

Published April 11, 2012

Forgive Us our Trespasses, 2012 tile, porcelain, wood, oilcloth

“Upon wanderings in the light industrial neighborhood in which all of our studios
reside, i came across the ruin of an asphalt plant that now serves as a sort of
playground for local street artists. My intention with this body of work, Forgive us
our Trespasses, is to interact in this suburban leftover space by installing works i
feel honor an important beauty.

Entering into this conversation, i’ve tried to create quiet moments of
unexpected luxury that will live for a little while as i’ve intended, and then move
past my vision of them to become canvases and materials for new works.
I am also questioning the priorities we place on space use, and the lack of
freedom that leads this stratum to act on this site in this way. What societal need
is being fulfilled here by this trespassing?

With all of my work i try to add to the object world in a minimal way. Most of
what i am placing on this site will biodegrade in a short number of years,
perhaps months. Some parts will break down quickly but to a lesser extent, and
other parts have been reused or salvaged and have an obvious material value
that will most likely enter into the site’s current and active cycle of material
abandonment and reclaim.”