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Marylou Kuhn & Ernestine Kuhn Endowed Scholarship Fund (F05807)

Published June 21, 2017

Marylou Kuhn, a noted contributor to the field of Art Education, passed away in January, 1999. Although Dr. Kuhn survived Polio in her youth, she didn’t let the disease stop her from pursuing what she really loved – art. She earned a B.S in Education from Ohio State University in 1945, external training in Chicago Art Institute, University of Wisconsin and the Layton School of Art, her master’s degree from Teacher’s College at Columbia University, and then returned to her alma mater for her Ph.D. in 1958.

From 1950 to 1989, Marylou served on Florida State University’s faculty, where she was widely respected for her leadership and knowledge in the Art Education field. She wrote two books on Art Education, and contributed in joint authorship of four other books. As part of the team that established the doctoral and research program at Florida State University, she participated and devoted herself in research projects, journals, and publications, which mostly highlighted her writing, editing, and designing skills.

Dr. Kuhn established an endowed scholarship at Florida State University to provide support to students pursuing a graduate degree in Art Education.

Artwork created by Dr. Kuhn can be viewed by visiting the Department of Art Education in the William Johnston Building, where several of her large-scale abstracts are on view.

Marylou Kuhn & Ernestine Kuhn Graduate Scholarship in Art Past Recipients:

Niarus G. Walker, Fall 2005 Recipient

Ann H. Rowson Love, Fall 2006 Recipient

Jeonghyo Kim, Spring 2008 Recipient
Yoonjung Kang, Fall 2008 Recipient

Jaye-Tremille McNair, Fall 2009 Recipient
Ji Hyun O, Fall 2009 Recipient

Yelena V. McLane, Fall 2010 Recipient

Myriah B. Harper, Fall 2011 Recipient

Alexandria W. Zettler, Spring 2012 Recipient
Anna C. Campbell, Spring 2012 Recipient
Adriane Pereira, Fall 2012 Recipient
Brittany M. Fike, Fall 2012 Recipient
Sheila Lorenzo De La Pena, Fall 2012 Recipient

Brittney N. Washington, Fall 2013 Recipient
Marisa V. Agama, Fall 2013 Recipient
Savannah R. Stanbery, Fall 2013 Recipient

Ashley L. Hartman, Spring 2014 Recipient
Chelsea L. Harris, Spring 2014 Recipient
Sarah C. Gladwin, Spring 2014 Recipient

Dylan M. Ruby, Spring 2015 Recipient
Evie L. Hempler, Spring 2015 Recipient
Maghan S. Stone, Spring 2015 Recipient
Sarah K. Davis, Spring 2015 Recipient
Victoria J. Mendenhall, Spring 2015 Recipient

Achia J. Floyd, Spring 2016 Recipient
April D. Fitzpatrick, Spring 2016 Recipient
Franchesca Lastra Vicente, Spring 2016 Recipient
Hsiu-chun Yang, Spring 2016 Recipient
Juyeon Song, Spring 2016 Recipient
Morgan A. Szymanski, Spring 2016 Recipient

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