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Master Crafstman Studio Glass Blowing at FSU’s “Sneak Peek”

Published October 27, 2014
glass blowing, MCS

Image credit: Sarah Coakley

Master Craftsman Studio has recently acquired a completely portable hot shop. This Ford Econoline van has been converted to accommodate two crucibles, a glory hole and two annealing kilns. We were pleased to contribute hot glass demonstrations to this years Sneak Peek event sponsored by the Office of Research. MCS was a featured program, offering us the opportunity to showcase our innovative glass processes. Blowing glass in front of the Turnbull Conference Center was an exciting addition to their event.

As we had a professional glass blower, Bob Cheever come in to train us and to provide the glass blowing for Sneak Peek, we invited the community to join us for a weekend of glass blowing here at the studio. Everyone enjoyed the gorgeous fall weather, local barbeque and live music while watching glass blowing. Some of our more adventurous guests tried their hand at blown glass with the assistance of Bob Cheever and MCS intern Max Epstein.

All of our guests from the art community, including COCA and the LeMoyne are excited about the educational opportunities that may be possible with Juicy Lucy, our hot shop hot rod. We are making plans to attend LeMoyne’s annual art festival this spring to be showcased right in the center. What a great opportunity to introduce the public to our glass program. Several children were thrilled to have the opportunity to create their own glass ornament. We’re looking forward to enhancing many events on campus with our new glass blowing capabilities.