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Matt Denes (BFA ’12)

Published December 4, 2012



FACETS is a multiple aspect self-portrait on film. It serves to highlight and expand the means by which my thought process functions, and the inherent, inevitable conflicts that can and do arise. The underlying themes of this film are human flaw, choice and survival. This work grew from a series of masks that I created that were focused on a variety of human traits. By physically creating some of the masks that we all tend to wear from time to time, I hoped to reveal more than conceal. This process put me on an introspective track and I began to look more closely at the masks I wear and the roles that I play in life. FACETS brings together the five characteristics that represent me the most: fear, foolishness, wisdom, hatred, and instinct. This film is my take on my imperfection and that of my environment and my continual search to find meaning, absolution, and realization.


Artwork Descriptions

Fear, Plaster, Chicken wire, Faux Fur, Cotton, Motorcycle Helmet, 2012, 28″ x 36″ x 72″ (Note: White mask)

Foolishness, Steel, Shredded Cotton Fabric, 2012, 20″x72″ (Note: Blue Mask)

Wisdom, Driftwood, Saw Handles, Raccoon Tails, Duck and Peacock Feathers, Turquoise, Hemp Twine, Antlers, Leather Belt, 2012, 40″x50″

Hatred, Pine, Acrylic Paint, Bamboo, 2012, 18″ x 72″ (Note: Black Mask)

Instinct, Steel, Iron, Reflective Paint, 2012, 12″x12″

Flaw Enthroned, 2012, 20′ x 24″