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Master Craftsman Studio Completes “Declaration”

Published December 1, 2014
Photo courtesy of Master Craftsman Studio Facebook
Kenn Von Roenn

Ken Von Roenn showcasing artist’s rendition of his steel-glass-light sculpture. (Photo: Gerald Ensley/Democrat)

The Florida State University Master Craftsman Studio completed “Declaration” on Monday, November 24, 2014. It was unveiled at 5:30 p.m. that day. “Declaration,” the stainless-steel and glass light structure, was erected under the direction of Kenn Von Roenn, who is MCS’s program director and associate director of its new Public Art/Architecture Art program. The project was city-funded and stands as a piece of public art on Gaines Street.

Kenn Von Roenn decided to return to his alma mater, FSU, to train artists in the creation of public art. He has designed over 1,000 pieces of public art around the world. Spending his summer as a janitor at a Louisville artistic glass factory influenced him to become a glass artist and earn his master’s degree in architecture from  Yale University. He began his own studio and eventually built a Louisville glass company into a multi-million dollar success. He then migrated back over to FSU to lead the Master Craftsman Studio.

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