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MoFA Presents Spring 2017 Schedule of Events and Exhibitions

Published January 26, 2017

The Museum of Fine Arts at Florida State University is proud to announce its current and upcoming schedule for Spring 2017.

Currently Showing

The Faculty Annual Exhibition

The new year opened with a favorite—The Faculty Annual—and the exhibition is attracting community and university audiences for the surprises that invariably happen when you put 35 talented artists together in one place. Innovative media abound: we have agriculture (Chalet Comellas-Baker), sound installation (Terri Lindbloom), bamboo architecture (a forest mosque-niche by T.F. Dearing), interactive neon (Kevin Curry), and almost every other medium represented by the artists we admire at Florida State.

The Art Faculty Annual closes on February 5 and Conspire closes on February 10th

Conspire: Collaboration, Cooperation, Collection

On the lower level, a juried membership exhibition of the College Book Art Association, Conspire: Collaboration, Cooperation, Collection proves books are not what you remembered them to be from your hometown Carnegie Library. The CBAA conference coordinated by Art faculty member Denise Bookwalter hosted exhibitions in two galleries on campus (MoFA and WJB Gallery) and concluded a successful 3-day meeting on Saturday January 14 with more than a hundred participants from different colleges and universities across the US.

Photo captions from left to right: Kevin Curry and his family demonstrate his sculpture “Conjunction” at “The Faculty Annual.” // Molly Reilly’s installation “Tether” from the Book Art exhibition “Conspire: Collaboration, Cooperation, Collection.”

Upcoming Events and Exhibitions

Broken Ground: New Directions in Land Art

Erika Osborne’s oil on canvas painting The Chasm of Bingham in “Broken Ground: New Directions in Land Art.”

Erika Osborne’s oil on canvas painting “The Chasm of Bingham” in “Broken Ground: New Directions in Land Art.”

Looking ahead to the three new exhibitions for the Opening Nights season of 2017, the Museum is eager to premier Guest Curator Jeff Beekman’s Broken Ground on February 17 from 6-8pm: the Land Art movement “has grown to encompass issues of ecology and sustainability, an exploration of how human and natural forces have shaped one another in historical and contemporary landscapes, and an exploration of past approaches to the mythologies we have about land, particularly as it relates to the concept of manifest destiny and borders.” On the preceding evening (Thursday before the show opens), visiting artists Kade L. Twist and Cristobal Martinez, two of the 3-artist Postcommodity Collective will lecture in the William Johnson Building auditorium. Later in February (at 4:00 on February 21 and at 7:00 on February 28), Lucy Raven’s digital still animation film China Town, tracing copper mining from Nevada to Asia, will be screened in 249 FAB.

Cinema Judaica: The War Years

Cinema Judaica’s history of films during the WWII era from 1939-1949; catalogue by Ken Sutak.

Cinema Judaica’s history of films during the WWII era from 1939-1949; catalogue by Ken Sutak.

Exhibition by the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion Museum—a companion exhibition of movie posters to the film series: I Saw it in the Movies. Working with Cinema Judaica for the loan of their WWII poster collection from the war years (1939-1949) as the companion to a film series sponsored by Holocaust Education Resource Council, the Tallahassee consortium and the College of Fine Arts will sponsor a Sunday afternoon March 26 lecture from 2:30-3:30 by Darcie Fohrman, museum consultant and designer of “Daniel’s Story” at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. Ms Fohrman will speak about her work as an interpretive planner, exhibition designer / developer, and creative director, and project director at three influential museums.

Honest Visions: Artists and Autism


Mikaela Sheltd’s mixed media portrait Alvin I from “Honest Visions: Artists and Autism.”

Mikaela Sheltd’s mixed media portrait “Alvin I” from “Honest Visions: Artists and Autism.”

This third exhibition opening on February 17 brings the painting and mixed media of Mikaela Sheldt and other artists to MoFA for a return engagement. Presented by the FSU Autism Institute and the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities in partnership with VSA Florida, Honest Visions features exceptional two and three-dimensional works by artists with autism. The philosophy of organizers Dr. Susan Baldino and Allison Leatzow is that “each artist encounters his or her neurological differences with uniquely fascinating expressions, yet a common thread of authenticity ties the artistic manifestations together. They represent truth, sincerity, and unabashed personal declarations.”

The new exhibitions opening on February 17 close on March 26, 2017.