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MoFA Receives Re-accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums

Published April 2, 2015


The Florida Statue University Museum of Fine Arts (MoFA) received notification of its re-accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM, formerly the American Association of Museums) in 2012. American Alliance of Museums president Ford W. Bell said,

The museum exceeded the highest national standards in all that it does — its governance, its collections stewardship, its public programs and its overall operations. Our congratulations to director Dr. Allys Palladino-Craig and staff, as well as to the FSU community for nurturing and supporting such a fine institution.

Museum accreditation is a self-motivated process involving an extensive operational study and close peer review. As a nationally recognized “seal of approval,” accreditation is awarded to museums with the highest professional standards and strong commitment to best practices. According to AAM, just 4.5% of the estimated 17,500 museums in the country are accredited.

After completing an exhaustive self-study, the Museum underwent a site evaluation by an AAM review committee in February, 2012. The review committee was impressed by MoFA’s “experimentation, commitment to social-issue projects, and investigation of themes in highly original exhibitions and projects.” The Museum was commended for its continued pursuit of institutional improvement and commitment to excellence.

MoFA was initially accredited in 2003 and launched the application for re-accreditation in the summer of 2010. The process can take up to three years and MoFA completed the review early and was re-accredited in 2012.

“This is simply a validation of what we already know. MoFA is a point of pride for FSU,” said Lynn Hogan, Interim Dean of the College of Fine Arts.

MoFA will remain accredited until the next review cycle in 2026.

Original Exhibitions of Faculty Guest Curators

The Museum has collaborated with a distinguished number of curators by winning support for their exhibitions from national, regional and state grant agencies. Many of the artists in thematic exhibitions enjoy international stature and exhibition publications have been distributed globally by a fine arts press.

Some examples of previous exhibitions are:

1) Trevor Bell: British Painter in America, Museum of Fine Arts

2) Cute & Creepy, Carrie Ann Baade, Curator

3) Heartfelt, George Blakely, Curator

4) Dimensions of Native America: The Contact Zone, Jehanne Teilhet-Fisk, Curator, with Robin Nigh

5) Full & Spare, Holly Hanessian, Curator

6) Unsigned, Unsung, Whereabouts Unknown, Jim Roche, Curator 

7) The Human Experience of WWII, Kurt Piehler, Curator with Patrick M. Rowe, Author & Collector

8) Trial by Fire / Contemporary Glass, Museum of Fine Arts

9) Florida Dreams, Jerome Stern, Author, and Gary Monroe, Photographer

10) The Abridged Walmsley: Selected Works of William Aubrey Walmsley, Museum of Fine Arts

11) Jim Roche: Glory Roads, Museum of Fine Arts

12) Making Now: Open for Exchange, Carolyn Henne, Curator

13) Head, Shoulders, Genes & Toes, Judy Rushin, Curator

14) James Rosenquist, Lance Caldwell, Curator

15) Running Around the Pool, Terri Lindbloom, Curator