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Myron Morgan (BFA ’12)

Published April 11, 2012

Cha Cha Queen!


“As an artist of Latino descent, I, Myron Morgan, have a thirst for culture and flavor. This necessity is to be fulfilled with every endeavor that being a drag performer involves. Growing up my mother was my chancellor and Barbie was my maiden: If Barbie joined the armada I would be the result. I have come to explore the true manifest of art in wearing clothes made for the opposite sex, it is raw artistry and my duty is to elevate this into a fine art environment. Amongst my practices makeup develops as a form of painting, purposeful fashions become soft sculptures, and showmanship creates performances.

I attempt to make work that will engage my audiences into transcending to the ideal that beauty of the female role can be performed by a male, sparking new visual possibilities. I find that sometimes art is just the artist and what I attempt to share with you will be best communicated if presented through my own body. From self-exploration my work is created through the use of my body.

Everyday I unconsciously perform a gender characterized by androgyny and everyone around me seems to respond to it, in one way or the other. This has allowed potent tools for me to make art impersonating the female gender. Ambiguity allows autonomy and arises a quest for self knowledge. This self is infinite and a new challenge always emerges from it.The drag culture and its fulcrum of exaggerated femininity defines all of my works. The medium is the fourth dimension where the second and the third dimension become an addition to this new plane. I have set in my heart that femininity is simply true aesthetic and I embrace that I can become anything I wish for from Carmen Miranda to Queen Elizabeth I of England Enthroned as Our lady of Guadalupe. It is celebrated females that inspires everything I aspire.”