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Owen Mundy: A Year in Berlin

Published August 1, 2011

Department of Art Assistant Professor Owen Mundy sent us this update regarding his year in Berlin on a Deutscher Akademischer Dienst (DAAD) Fellowship:

“In addition to all the contacts and inspiration I attended 4 conferences giving two separate papers, gave artist presentations at 6 colleges and universities in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, completed 3 new kinetic sculptures, and took part in multiple exhibitions in Sweden, New York, and Germany (this included a one-person show in Berlin) and completely rewrote my Give Me My Data application to work with Facebook’s new API. In addition to all this I was able to apply to multiple national and international grants and this week a paper of mine will be published in the Parsons Journal for Information Mapping (Parsons/New School in NYC). I am excited to come back and share the experience in the classroom and beyond.”

Pictured above: Installation shot of Mundy’s A Single Composite at Bauer&Ewald, Berlin. “A Single Composite is a kinetic installation and multi-projection/viewing apparatus consisting of one 100 cm-wide film strip stretched, twisted, and looped through multiple spaces by reconstituted digital printer chassis. This cinematic enterprise, a sprawling film through which declassified and other found reconnaissance footage is projected on walls, ceilings, and floors, forms a series of individual moments of surveillance and implied violence.”

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