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Recent IA+D Graduates Win First Place in 2019 IDEC Video Competition

Published October 3, 2019
Excerpts courtesy of Plinth and Chintz

A big congratulations to Interior Architecture and Design recent graduates Alanna Frierson and Johnston Roberts, who placed first among a pool of 34 submissions in the 2019 Interior Design Educators Council Video Competition!

Frierson and Roberts, with the help of Associate Professor Amy Huber, created a video submission on the state of the Interior Design Profession. All video submissions were judged on suitability for sharing with a non-designer audience and professional quality, among other standards. We are especially proud of the duo for their approach to the integration of technology and process, and their work in helping the community understand the importance of interior design as licensure of the profession.

The IDEC described their 2019 competition theme as follows:

Commercial and residential interiors alike have been transformed by technological advances over the last decades. The design process itself has been changing to integrate 3D visualization techniques, immersive experiences, and data analytics. Many non-designers, however, may have an antiquated view of what interior designers do. The 2019 video competition seeks submissions that reveal one or more of the exciting ways that technology and design combine to create unique design processes and/or innovative interior environments.

The participants in the competition were interior design students engaged in a higher education program of study in interior design with a minimum of 40 semester / 60 quarter hours in interior design coursework leading to a degree, certificate or diploma. Students were allowed to team with interior design educators and/or interior design practitioners to complete videos.

The video submission was required to be between 1-3 minutes in length, efficient, and succinct. Creative approaches were encouraged, and could include imagery, interviews, testimonials, demonstrations, case studies, or non-traditional ideas. They looked for a video that was entertaining and positive, with a message that advocates for the profession of interior design.

Watch their winning video submission here: