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Schaeffer Co-Chairs & Presents at American Archaeology Conference

Published June 2, 2015
Schaeffer_NewsletterArt History doctoral candidate Bryan Schaeffer co-chaired a session and presented a paper at the Society for American Archaeology‘s 80th annual conference this spring in San Francsico. Schaeffer co-chaired “Interregional Interaction and Dynamic Cultural Process in Mesoamerica” with Joshua Englehardt (FSU Anthropology), and presented the paper “Reframing the Tripod: Teotihuacan-Maya Interaction in the Early Classic,” a visual analysis and reconceptualization of the tripod ceramic form excavated in various Maya cities. While these vessels are traditionally viewed as markers of Teotihuacan influence in the Maya region, Schaeffer argues that they are indexes of travel and social agents embedded in a network of interregional interaction during the Early Classic period. These specific tripod vessels visually construct a Teotihuacan-Maya hybrid aesthetic that combines artistic canons from a foreign domain with localizing frameworks.