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Support Department of Art Education Students through Spark FSU!

Published June 2, 2016


Indigo Rising: Art Therapy with Refugees in Greece

Help FSU Art Therapy students provide empowering mental health services to refugees! We need your support!

With our passion for social justice, we have found ourselves unable to stand by while refugees are suffering continuous, severe trauma. We understand that the mental health need in this area is larger than we are capable of providing as two individuals. However, we humbly intend to positively impact as many of these vulnerable individuals as we are able by encouraging resiliency during this time of uncertainty and transition. – Adina Moore & Bobbie Sonner, FSU Art Therapy Students

In May and June 2016, FSU Art Therapy students will be providing therapeutic art experiences for families of Middle Eastern refugees and native Greek persons.

Workshops will be tailored to children, but parents will be encouraged to also create art while present or to assist children in the art making process. In these workshops, children will create worry dolls, which act as transitional objects for children during an uncertain time. The worry dolls hold fear, anxiety, worry, and confusion and transfer those into an empowering symbol of resilience and strength. The creation process encourages increased problem-solving and associated coping skills through the implementation of design and aesthetics.

“Our overall goal is reinforcement of coping skills for refugees and self-care techniques modeled to Greek citizens. We will encourage normalization, family unity, and reinforcement of existing ties among the refugees within a chaotic environment. We will establish a safe space for both artmaking and witnessing contributions of each person, honoring resiliency and the significance of each individual journey. In addition, we will be providing educational self-care workshops to the native Greek population to address secondary trauma.”

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Art Therapy – Exploring Identity with LGBT Youth

Support Art Therapy work with LGBT Youth

Throughout my graduate experiences in the FSU Art Therapy program, I have worked with adolescents and teens and am passionate about the opportunity to work again with this population in a collaborative way- especially those who may be marginalized such as those who identify as LGBT. – Grace Chartier, FSU Master’s Candidate in Art Therapy

Using Art Therapy to Explore Identity with LGBT Youth*

Throughout May, June, and July, Art Therapy student Grace Chartier will be collaborating with youth in the Talllahassee area who identify as LGBT to create an art show featuring their photography. Participants will explore what it means to identify as LGBT through photography and other art forms, over a series of workshops led by Chartier. The project will culminate with an exhibition of the art that is created.

In addition to the photographic works, the exhibition will also feature a short film with interviews with the artists and documenting the hard work they put in to the creation of the show.

Your gift will help provide a space for these youth to tell their stories and to give them a voice in the community.

How will the funds be used?

Each generous donation will be used for supplies to plan and create the exhibition. These include disposable cameras and other art supplies, printing costs for the photographs, catalogues and promotional materials, mounting and framing services, and other miscellaneous costs such as refreshments for the art show.

Each gift will help to make this project a success and will empower the youth involved by showing them that the community cares about hearing their voices, stories, and perspectives.

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