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Torch Awards Request For Nominations

Published November 3, 2014
torch awardsThis message has been approved by Sally McRorie, Vice President for Faculty Development and Advancement, for distribution to all Faculty and Staff.

The Torch Awards were established in 1996 as a way for faculty to honor friends of Florida State University who have contributed significantly to the University’s ability to fulfill its academic missions.  Nominations are accepted from the entire FSU community and reviewed by the Awards Committee, which recommends candidates to the Faculty Senate Steering Committee for final selection.  Nominees cannot be currently employed by the University, however they are not limited to previous employees.

Awards are given in three different areas:

  • Vires: recognizing moral, physical, and intellectual strength
  • Artes: recognizing appreciation of aesthetics and the beauty of intellectual pursuits
  • Mores: acknowledging respect for customs, character, and tradition

Letters of nomination should be send to:

Valliere Richard Auzenne
FSU College of Motion Picture Arts
3100 University Center A
Campus Mail Code: 2350


Nominations should be submitted no later that Thursday, November 6, and should include a description of the nominee’s achievements as well as a rationale for the nomination.