Comma’s debut edition, Ghost Objects, contains objects by Kevin Curry, Lilian Garcia-Roig, Carolyn Henne.
The box is made from reclaimed wood with screen-printed and painted surfaces, designed by Judy Rushin.

Edition: 15
Price: $500
For purchasing information contact Judy Rushin at the Facility For Arts Research.

Kevin Curry’s Gihon River Rock (2017) is from his series Tripping Over The Same Stone, in which he explores concepts of location and memory through the cataloging of commonplace rock forms that would normally go overlooked. It is 3D printed in nickel steel.

Lilian Garcia-Roig’s Genus Roigia (2017) addresses the link between her work as a painter and the scientific research of her great-great uncle, the Cuban botanist, Juan Tomas Roig. Each piece is unique; made from one of Roig’s deconstructed paintings, her old paintbrushes, recycled leather shoes, and a 3D print.

Carolyn Henne’s Rekindle (2017) is a prosthetic glove that fits over a human hand, intended to provide therapeutic comfort and bio-feedback triggered verbal reassurances. It is made from silicone and electronic components and comes in a protective bag.