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The Florida State University College of Fine Arts is a place where learning and creativity are nurtured through instruction, research, and practice. The College is a close-knit community of faculty, students, and professionals that functions as an arts conservatory within a major university. It is home to a unique combination of visual and performing arts studios, classrooms, performance spaces, and museums. Our students are some of tomorrow’s most promising artists, researchers and professionals in their fields.

The College offers degree programs in ArtArt Education, Art History,  DanceInterior Architecture and Design, and Theatre. The College also houses several non-academic units including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Facility for Arts Research and the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC). Many of our programs rank among the most respected in the nation. We are proud to feature specialized programs that leverage relationships between departments and museums to enrich the degree-based curriculum.

The College of Fine Arts has undergone an extensive self-assessment and strategic planning process. As a result, the College has developed a clear mission and related objectives that are encapsulated in the following statements. These statements fortify our resolve to offer the finest arts instruction and training in the nation.

Mission Statement

The College of Fine Arts at Florida State University is dedicated to fostering artistic excellence, creative exploration, and scholarly inquiry across diverse disciplines. Our renowned faculty and staff educate and empower students to become visionary performers, artists, educators, art historians, designers, curators, art therapists, researchers, and arts administrators who shape the future of the visual arts, healing arts, performing arts, and design.  Through passionate teaching, community engagement, innovative research, and artistic practice we enrich lives, elevate artistic expression, and inspire positive change and well-being in society.

Core Values

Artistic Excellence: We uphold the highest standards of artistic and academic excellence, nurturing creativity, wellness, innovation, and artistic integrity in all disciplines.

Research and Scholarship: We embrace rigorous research, artistic practice, critical inquiry, and scholarly engagement to advance knowledge and innovation in the arts and design disciplines.

Collaboration: We promote a collaborative and inclusive community that values diversity and fosters interdisciplinary exchange, supporting the interconnectedness of the disciplines within the College of Fine Arts and beyond.

Student-Centered Education: We prioritize student success, providing individualized support, mentorship, and transformative learning experiences.

Community Impact: We actively engage with local and global communities through our arts and design research and practice to catalyze positive social, cultural, and economic change.

Vision Statement

Robust research, teaching, and practice in arts and design enrich our entire community, nurture innovation, and advance Florida State University’s mission. We believe that design and the visual and performing arts serve as catalysts for innovation and communication, building community, enhancing health and wellness, and shaping the way we experience, design, and represent the world. We promote embodied learning and engagement through engagement with the arts in performance, inquiry, education, healing, and design. The historical studies of artistic and creative forms we explore across the globe nurture cultural understanding and reflection, charting the intrinsic role the arts play in society. Our graduates are positioned to be leaders in their fields and inspire creativity, empathy, and critical thinking in the world they shape.