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College Leadership Council premieres 2022 SIX Magazine

Published May 19, 2022

SIX magazine 2022 banner

The College Leadership Council (CLC) was founded in 2010 to promote collaboration and communication between students across the College of Fine Arts. Made up of graduate and undergraduate representatives from each academic unit, the CLC hosts student-focused events which are social, informative, and collaborative-based.

One of its largest annual endeavors is the magazine SIX, which takes its name from the six academic departments within the College – Art, Art Education, Art History, Dance, Interior Architecture & Design, and Theatre.


Brittney Pieper

Brittney Pieper, 2021-2022 CLC Chair

Serving on the College of Fine Arts Leadership Council these past four years has been an absolute honor. I grew alongside the organization and have watched it transform from year to year. Through the Chair position from the last two years, I have gained an ultimate sense of appreciation for the various departments of the College of Fine Arts. Student dedication is continually the stand-out quality that makes me proud to serve on the Council, in addition to being a CFA student myself.
One of my favorite projects has always been the SIX Magazine because it truly allows us to showcase this talent and dedication. Despite all foregoing challenges – from online art classes to the many papers and late nights, each department can relate to the struggle to create. However, those within this magazine serve as the proof: creation cannot be stopped.
To all current , past, and future students, never stop creating! From the Council to you, we are so proud of you and will continue to show your artwork.

Brittney Pieper
Chair, College Leadership Council for the College of Fine Arts