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Legacy Giving

College of Fine Arts is grateful to all of our donors who have established endowments for the perpetual support of our faculty, students and programs. These funds provide a predictable stream of growing income for the College, without which many of our programs would not exist.

Create a legacy at FSU that will last far beyond your own years. Endow a fund or contribute to an existing endowment in the FSU College of Fine Arts. Managed by the FSU Foundation in accordance with its published investment policies, your gift can be invested with the earnings used to fulfill the purpose(s) for which the fund was created. Funds may be created for scholarships, fellowships, lectureships, research, professorships, library acquisitions, academic chairs, technical equipment, capital improvements or any other educational purpose of Florida State University.

Please select a fund below to read more about its purpose, past student recipients, and the donors who established the funds. For a complete listing of funds, please click here.


College of Fine Arts

  • Lillian Carlton Joughin Criddlebaugh Endowed Scholarship (F05785)
  • Ada Belle Winthrop-King Visual Arts Endowment (F05795)
  • Dr. Ben Grace Endowed Fund (F05831)
  • Mary Ola Reynolds Miller Endowed Graduate SS in Visual Arts (F05837)
  • Vincent V. and Agatha Thursby Eminent Scholar Chair (F06213)
  • Pearl Tyner Endowed Professorship in Arts (F06971)
  • Career Preparation Fund (F7958)
  • Leora Pruitt King Scholarship Fund (F07332)

School of Art & Design

  • Penelope Mason Endowment for Art History Study (F05750)
  • Ruby Kenniston Endowed Memorial Fund (F05772)
  • Brian Andrew McLachlin Arts Enrichment Fund (F05773)
  • Francois Bucher Research Travel Fund (F05798)
  • D.J.M.T. O’Brien Endowed Scholarship (F05800)
  • Helen J. Beard Scholarship/Fellowship Endow in Art History (F05803)
  • Avis Kent Goodlove Endowment (F05805)
  • Marylou Kuhn & Ernestine Kuhn Endowed Scholarship Fund (F05807)
  • Jessie Lovano-Kerr & Donald R. Kerr Art Ed. Grad. SS (F05814)
  • Ivan & Inez Johnson Family Art Education Grad. Scholarship (F05816)
  • Ann Kirn Endowed Scholarship in Graphic Design (F05822)
  • Mary Jo Weale Fund for Excellence (F05829)
  • Frederic Fagnant Endowed Fund (F05832)
  • Charles M. Dorn Endowment Fund in Art Education (F05835)
  • Jim Boone Endowed Art Scholarship (F07604)
  • Mary Brown Ostlund Scholarship (F07961)

School of Dance

School of Theatre

  • Robert S. Barber Endowed Fund (F05468)
  • Ralph L. Cook Fellowship Fund in Theatre (F05470)
  • Ginger Earnest London Theatre Scholarship (F05472)
  • Richard G. Fallon Presidential Scholarship Fund (F05473)
  • Brooks & Almena Pettit/Mart & Louis Hill Presidential Scholarship (F05474)
  • Maximillian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Chair (F05476)
  • Burt Reynolds Chair in Professional & Regional Theatre (F05480)
  • Hazel Sliger Presidential Scholarship Fund (F05484)
  • Davis Gaines Endowed Scholarships in Music Theatre (F05492)
  • Dean Gil Lazier Student Scholarship in the School of Theatre (F05496)
  • Steven L. Sears Dean’s Scholarship in Theatre (F05497)
  • Michael T. Martin Faculty and Student Fellowship (F05498)
  • Frank and Jo Ann Fain Endowed Scholarship Fund (F05500)
  • Gil Lazier-25th Anniversary Production Endowment Fund (F05501)
  • Angela Musette Russo Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund (F05503)
  • Pat Simmons Memorial Fund (F05504)
  • Sarah Elizabeth Thomson Teaching Fellowship (F05505)
  • Leon & Jane Schmehl Theatre Endowment (F05508)
  • Theodore and Barbara Judd Endowed Scholarship in Theatre (F05510)
  • Howard W. Kessler Endowed Scholarship Fund (F05511)
  • George & Charlotte Palmer Endowment for School of Theatre (F05514)
  • John A. Degen Endowment (F05517)
  • Janet & Donald Hinkle Professorship in Theatre (F05520)
  • Henry Polic II – New Work Development (F07759)
  • Julia Burnett Bryant Faculty Fellowship in International Theatre (F07404)

FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training

  • Erika M. & Lewis W. Anderson Endowed SS/Fellowship Fund (F05512)
  • Martha and Foster Harmon Endowed Scholarship Fund (F05502)
  • Matilda Gates Endowment (F05495)
  • Esther M. Mertz – Asolo Center Endowment Fund (F05494)
  • Janis Carter Stulman Endowment (F05485)
  • Richard J. Mertz Endowment for FSU Acting Conservatory (F05478)
  • Charles L. Huisking and Lillian Huisking Guest Artist Fund (F05521)
  • Bill Yandow Endowed Fund for FSU/Asolo Conservatory (F07370)
  • Maurice Richards and Jack Kesler Endowed Fund for FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training (F07447)
  • Jimmy Hoskins Chair for Visiting Artists (F07725)


To make a gift online to any of these funds, please click the Gift Box icon in the top right corner of your screen, choose “More Designations” and type in the fund name. Please mail checks, made payable to “FSU Foundation” with the fund number noted to the address below.

To discuss a gift to the College of Fine Arts at Florida State University, please contact:

Jessica Comas
Director of Development
FSU College of Fine Arts
236 Fine Arts Building
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1170
(850) 645-0701