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The Florida State University College of Fine Arts is a place where learning and creativity are nurtured through instruction, research, and practice. The College is a close-knit community of faculty, students, and professionals that functions as an arts conservatory within a major university. It is home to a unique combination of visual and performing arts studios, classrooms, performance spaces, and museums. Our students are some of tomorrow’s most promising artists, researchers and professionals in their fields.

The College offers degree programs in ArtArt Education, Art HistoryDanceInterior Architecture and Design, and Theatre. The College also houses several non-academic units including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Facility for Arts Research and the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC). Many of our programs rank among the most respected in the nation. We are proud to feature specialized programs that leverage relationships between departments and museums to enrich the degree-based curriculum.

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Art | Art Education | Art History | Dance | Theatre | Interior Architecture & Design

Department of Art

Degree Programs:




BA in Studio Art
BFA in Studio Art

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The Department of Art is one of the largest and most dynamic departments in the College of Fine Arts. The Department of Art is a research driven community of students and faculty dedicated to the dynamic interrelationship of ideas, processes and practices. By crossing geographical and disciplinary boundaries, we both discover and create new opportunities for practicing art and design.

With a history spanning over 70 years, the Department of Art Education believes in the intrinsic value of art as a catalyst for social change. Not only can art promote the development of the individual but serves to enrich and enliven the world around us. As a comprehensive education and research program, we only offer graduate level degrees. We find this provides a rigorous and individualized learning experience as students work towards one of our 9 specialized degree options.

At the Department of Art History, our students investigate humanity’s relationship to the world: how we perceive, participate in, and represent our physical, social, religious, philosophical, political, and artistic environments. Our faculty teach in a range of fields including Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque, Modern American and European, and Pre-Columbian and Colonial art and architectural history.

Department of Interior Architecture and Design

Degree Programs:


MS Advanced Professional Practice Track
MS Advanced Professional ResearchTrack



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The Department of Interior Architecture and Design, encompasses a CIDA accredited undergraduate curriculum and a one-year master of science (M.S.) degree or a 2-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree. Students are exposed to design theory, history, technical skills, and participated in studio classes addressing residential and commercial spaces including health care, retail, office environments, hospitality and designs for special populations such as children, elders, and others in need of supportive spaces.

Accredited by NASD, the School of Dance upholds the scholarly rigor of a preeminent research institution while drawing upon its lineage of a conservatory model in dance training. Students have access to state of the art dance facilities with six studio spaces, a conditioning studio, costume shop, centers for music and technology, a black box theatre, as well as the fully equipped proscenium Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre. The School also has a large volume of high level alumni, an expansive Study Abroad program, and home to the internationally recognized dance research center, The Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC)

As one of the top-tier theatre training programs in the nation, the School of Theatre challenges its students to grow as artists and individuals as they explore the world of theatre and where they fit into it. The School provides its students with a wide variety of theatrical and educational opportunities. The primary mission of the School of Theatre is to offer students an extensive education in theatre and to prepare emerging artists to enter the professional theatre industry.