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College Leadership Council

College Leadership Council Established in Fall 2010, the College of Fine Arts College Leadership Council (CLC) was founded with the intent to promote collaboration and communication between the students in all the departments from the college. The CLC is made up of 17 students with graduate and undergraduate representatives from each department and school. The CLC encourages interdisciplinary communication and artistic collaboration. It is our belief that multidisciplinary cooperation will make us better artists and work toward a stronger college.

In addition to the ways that the CLC acts as a bridge between students and departments, it also acts as a bridge between the community and student support. To the right, the SIX Research & Creative Grant applications are now open. Thanks to the collaboration of the CLC with the Great Give event, students are able to push their limits in creative or research based furthering of their educations.

For more information, visit the Facebook event page.


Conceived by the 2011 CLC, SIX is an annual collection of work by students of Florida State University’s College of Fine Arts.

SIX 2016-2017  |  SIX 2015-2016  |  SIX 2014-2015  |  SIX 2013-2014  |  SIX 2012-2013  |  SIX 2011-2012  |  SIX 2010-2011


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