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Dean’s Advisory Council

Dean’s Advisory Council Fall 2022: Brett Player, Chair • Fred Salancy, Vice Chair Erin Bratic • Sara Dimmick • David Gilchrist • Howard Kessler • Jonathan Klepper • Joe Johnson • Cricket Mannheimer • Lynn McWilliams • Tracey Morgan • Amanda Morrison • Adele Myers • Chuck Whited • Tirrell D. Whittley; Not Pictured: Blythe Adreon • Nicole Crane • Andrea Friall • Barbara Heard • Marcia D. Thornberry

The distinguished individuals who comprise the College of Fine Arts Dean’s Advisory Council include many alumni who have graduated from our top programs as well as others who have become strong supporters of our students and programs through other avenues. Each member is a person of insight and accomplishment who maintains a strong commitment to Florida State University, and particularly to the great arts programs housed within our College.

The Council meets twice a year but remains actively engaged throughout the year in supporting and advising the Dean in efforts to advance the College of Fine Arts and maintain its status as a top-ranked institution for visual arts, theatre, and dance.

If you are interested in learning more about the Dean’s Advisory Council, or other volunteer leadership opportunity with the College of Fine Arts or Florida State University, please fill out the Volunteer Leadership Interest Form at the link below.





Segundo Fernandez   ∙   Emily James   ∙   Emory Johnson   ∙   Ina Schnell*



Ben Bivins*  ∙   Erin Bratic   ∙   Mark Cecil   ∙   Terry Cole   ∙   Kim Cooke   ∙   Thomas Deans   ∙   Gloria Deison   ∙   Ramiro Fernandez   ∙   Frank Flynn   ∙   Davis Gaines   ∙   David Gilchrist   ∙   Doug Grimmett   ∙   Jane Grimmett   ∙   Mart Hill   ∙   Janet Hinkle   ∙   Emily James   ∙   Pat Kaufman   ∙   Howard Kessler   ∙   Debra Lachter   ∙   Jessie Lovano-Kerr*   ∙   Sue Markham   ∙   Daniel Markley   ∙   Sharon Maxwell-Ferguson   ∙   Meredith McKinney   ∙   Tim O’Brien   ∙   Almena Pettit   ∙   Audra Price Pittman   ∙   Sandy Proctor   ∙   Randy Rhea   ∙   Randy Ser   ∙   Nancy Smith Fichter   ∙   Jim Tafel   ∙   Marcia Thornberry   ∙   Jean Thrasher   ∙   John Toppe   ∙   Bob Ward   ∙   Katherine Weller   ∙   Chuck Whited   ∙   Michael Zuckerberg

*Deceased but not forgotten

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