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David Gilchrist

Published May 31, 2017

Gilchrist Ross Crowe Architects of Tallahassee


David Gilchrist has been practicing architecture for over 39 years. He principally works on large institutional and academic projects. He is a partner in the firm Gilchrist Ross Crowe Architects of Tallahassee that was responsible for the renovation and design of FSU’s Ruby Diamond Auditorium, Montgomery Hall School of Dance and many other buildings on the FSU Campus. He is a bird shooter and hunts for the dinner table and not for trophies, cooks feasts for guests, enjoys fine wines, loves all forms of music but particularly the Blues, dances Argentine Tango, studies and practices the wisdom of Jungian psychology and as an extrovert is always seeking new experiences. He is a fourth generation Floridian, graduated from U of F with a Bachelors of Design and Master of Arts in Architecture. He and his wife Hilda’s walls at home are filled with art.