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School of Dance’s FSU in NYC is now ARTS in NYC

Published March 5, 2019

School of Dance’s FSU in NYC is now ARTS in NYCThe Florida State University School of Dance is excited to announce the renaming of its FSU in NYC program to ARTS in NYC. This unique semester-away program introduces students to the professional arts world as working members of the New York City community. ARTS in NYC is open to both FSU and non-FSU Seniors and Graduate students who are interested in the arts. The program provides students interested in pursuing a career in the arts an opportunity to explore pathways in the field through mentorship, selected internships, technique classes, composition or studio classes, and performances. Program Director, Dr. Sally Sommer, and Assistant Director, Alessandra Larson, work with students to design an experience that supports students’ finding and honing their artistic voice in a mentored and structured setting.

FSU in NYC has a history of successfully accommodating dancers, visual artists, art historians, and arts administrators. Considering the eclectic nature of the students the program attracted, ARTS in NYC proved to be the title best representative of its participants. Anchored by fully accredited core courses, students spend one semester in New York City learning to negotiate its landscape and culture while making art and working in carefully selected Internships with nationally and internationally recognized arts organizations.

 Without a doubt, [this] is an invaluable crash course in becoming a jack-of-all-trades and a marketable asset to any company or artist. It will open your eyes to a bigger picture: a realization that the world outside of school breeds a diverse, crazy, hustling, sweaty, thrilling, humbling life. Though I inevitably stumbled along the way, the security-net of the underpinning University structure helped me regain stability, and the mentors at my disposal served as a rich network of support to help me move forward with sure footing.

-FSU program participant Taylor Ennen (BFA, 2016)

ARTS in NYC student in Time Square

Through ARTS in NYC, students are given the invaluable chance to network with artists and administrators, and gain valuable experiences that fuel their artistic practices. Students from across FSU’s College of Fine Arts are encouraged to take advantage of this enriching opportunity. The program’s design offers flexibility for students. At its core is a six-credit course “New York City: Arts and Resource,” which is divided into two segments– one seminar and one practical class– and includes events, guest lectures, special classes, or tours that compliment coursework. An additional 3-credit course, “Internship in NYC” allows students the unique capability of working in the arts. Prior to attending the program, students work with the program director to select a theater, studio, company, organization, or gallery that best meets their interests. This specialized pairing allows artists to engage in expressed areas of interest and further their practical experience in the field.

The quality, care, and diversity within the ARTS in NYC program gives every student the ability to develop career paths independently and through mentorship.