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FSU Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies Consortium


Newberry Library sits at the north edge of Chicago’s Washington Square Park | Photo courtesy of

FSU Newberry Renaissance Consortium

We are pleased to serve as the representative for the FSU Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies Consortium. The Center for Renaissance Studies promotes the use of the Newberry collection in the fields of late medieval, Renaissance, and early modern studies (c. 1300-1750).

Reading Room, Newberry Library

The Center runs a number of programs throughout the year in which FSU faculty and students will be able to participate. Please check out the Center’s webpage for specific programs. The FSU campus committee will also send out periodic mailings with news of the Renaissance Center’s programs.

Most programs of the Consortium are run out of the Newberry Library in Chicago; however, the Center for Renaissance Studies is also linked with the Folger Shakespeare Library located in Washington DC. As members of the CRS Consortium, FSU students and faculty may apply for travel grants to support travel to the Folger for research or to attend programs. Newberry Consortium members will have seminar fees for faculty and graduate students at the Folger Institute waived.

For routine travel to attend Newberry workshops, symposia, or to conduct research, Newberry Consortium Travel Grants are available for $500 (Graduate Students)/ $600 (Faculty) to pay for travel and lodging. We are unable to reimburse meals or other incidental costs. All travel must be completed by June 30 of any calendar year.

Application Process for Travel Grants

Aerial view of the Newberry and Washington Square Park

Aerial view of the Newberry and Washington Square Park

Faculty or graduate students interested in obtaining a travel grant should contact the FSU campus committee via and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Department affiliation
  • Your status (PhD, PhD candidate, faculty)
  • Reasons for your proposed visit to the Newberry or Folger Library. Please specify the stage of your research.
  • If funded, recipients will give a brief informal presentation on research at the Newberry collections in the context of an early modern workshop
  • When funded, please follow instructions for reimbursement below.

We will let you know within two weeks whether your grant has been approved.

Application for Programs and Fellowships

If applying to programs and grants, please send your completed submission at least three weeks before the application deadline to the FSU campus committee (via Important deadlines below.

Grad Conference CFP deadline (posted early Sept)October 15
Deadline for faculty applications to teach workshops/ semianrsNovember 1
Deadline for applications to spring workshopsNovember 1
Long-term Newberry fellowships deadlineNovember 15
Short-term Newberry fellowships deadlineDecember 15
Paleograpahy Institutes deadlineMarch 1
Deadline for applications for all workshopsMarch 1

Reimbursement Process

If you have already attended an event and been approved by FSU campus committee for a grant, please fill out the current reimbursement form below and submit it with the original travel and lodging receipts (scans are also acceptable) to:

The Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies

60 West Walton Street
Chicago, IL 60610

Your reimbursement will be paid directly to you by the Newberry Library. A check will be sent to the address listed on the reimbursement form.

Reimbursement Form


If you have any further questions about the grants or the Center for Renaissance Studies, please send an email to or call 312-255-3514.

Anyone who is interested in being included on the listserv, please contact Emily White