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Sandy Proctor

Published June 9, 2017

Professional Sculptor
Proctor Fine Art, LLC


W. Stanley “Sandy” Proctor has an international reputation as a professional sculptor of the highest caliber. The State of Florida commemorated him and his contribution to the arts as they inducted him into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in March 2006. Sandy was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. He attended Washington and Lee University before pursuing an internship in Washington D.C., where he worked for a senator from Florida. Sandy began working with his father and brother in their family business in Tallahassee, Florida and raising his three children, Stan Jr., Stewart, and Peggy, with his wife Melinda. The constant support of his wife and family motivated him to begin his career as a painter. After Sandy’s painting career took off he then became pursuing more three-dimensional mediums. He carved alabaster and marble for many years, teaching himself to grind and chip away the stone to reveal the persona within. Once he began sculpting in clay, he found his final love. Many art collectors value his figurative sculptures as among the finest examples of life-size sculpture available today.